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Spiritual Experiments is based on Matias’s studies and experiences with several mystic yogis and teachers of numerous paths, and the unfolding of what happened afterword while living an ordinary life in the world. The Amazing Power of Yoga Adityam, which is divided in to three parts, aims to demonstrate that there is a hidden aspect of the practice of asana and pranayama that is not usually shared. By using kirlian photography, the author reveals an internal world that is activated during each asana, and introduces the lector to this mesmerizing universe of power, while explaining in detail how the energy pathways awaken, he also illustrates with simple words, how the power of life circulating in thus pathways begin to rise during the practice, reaching and opening certain centers or chakras in the most incredible way. You will encounter in these series of books how this development affects the practitioner physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The third book or the practice book will show the practitioner how he can awaken his spiritual forces in an effortless and swift manner. The technique and methodology revealed here has been lost for thousands of years and during these modern times few know the secrets reveled in this book. The last book Downloads From The Nine  is a product of the practices that Matias underwent, in which he said he was inundated by profound curiosity of distinct dimensions that began to materialize in front of his eyes. These books are an expression of his encounters with these energies from these realities that expressed the need to help humans to advance spiritually. For some, these books are a short cut to enlightenment, I’ll let you decide after you experience their power as I did. In the web page you will have an introduction of this new method of awakening and way of reading books, so you can test the power of the multi-directional reading technique.